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Monday, March 23, 2020

APAC - Cloud OnBoard: Day 1 Module 2: Virtual Machines & Storage

APAC - Cloud OnBoard: Day 1

Module 2: Virtual Machines & Storage

APAC - Cloud OnBoard: Day 1 Module 1: Intro to Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud is hosting a free online instructor-led training program for developers and IT professionals. The Google Cloud OnBoard: Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals Series online event includes three days of interactive learning focused on Core Infrastructure, Big Data & Machine Learning, and Application Development.

I’ve been invited and thought you may also benefit. Upon successful completion of each course earn an e-certificate for your participation.

Click on the link here and register to join me.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

I.T is all in the business mind and power of how you use I.T

Internet Complete Clients Appreciation Services Top Leads Excellence Systems with Just4Cash4You and Just4Cash for Building Business Optimization Extras. IC castles with J4C4U and J4C for BROE. (Broe the unisex version of BRO! Yo!)  

Your Business through another light. the light that will be right for your industry. With IC castles the difference is all about appreciation. 

Looking at I.T all with a different point of view. CATching the correct sights and making I.T. work for your business. Getting the Internet Complete Clients Appreciation Services Top Leads Excellence Systems into your regular marketing program and knowing the difference makes all the difference to stand out from the rest. 

Here is hearing I.T right. The sound and sights of your community come to life! 
The eye of the pussy cat gets the picture! 
Knowing how it all works with the right angle made clear from your angel! 

The sweet strength of your business is in appreciation of your clients and your clients appreciating your business builds that strength. 

Doing your bit with your community builds that strength as well. Getting connected and making the bonds that matter with your clients through services that highlight your business, your products and services as a part of every community will be the result of this program.

Calling IC castles for your business to be informed and become a part of this revelation will be the change that you make for the best progressive top leads excellence systems to be added to what you are all about. See how we work for you. IC castles is all about your business interacting in reality marketing. Promotions that have your business seen in a whole new light. 

Not just being seen, but making transactions happen when there was never anything like this in your business before, you will notice the immediate value of being involved in your IC castles. 

IC Castles working with Just4Cash4You through Just4Cash building the connections that matter. Your IC castles new business happens as soon as your services and systems are set up. 

The Guest hosts interacting with the Gifted hosts in the initial discussions with communication involving live chat that is all prepared specifically for each event. Then made to be continuous with the next level being the building of business in every IC castles digital room to follow. 

The IC castles program is created with incentives and innovative activities that become digital wonderlands all based on your business. 

Call us for more information. 
See more here:

IC castles with 

Just4Cash4You and Just4Cash for 

building business relationships optimization extras BROE!!
(the unisex version of BRO). 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Internet Complete Clients Appreciation Services Top Leads Excellence Systems on J4C4U

I C castles on

We would like to show our appreciation to you for your business excellence. We appreciate what you do within your company and as a part of our community.

We would like to introduce you to the Internet Complete Client Appreciation Services Top Leads Excellence System. It is all about you and your business Appreciation for your business clients. Plus it allows your clients appreciation for you too.

Also as a business you are a client to your product developers, creators, trades, services, creators. We would like to let you show your appreciation to them and your staff in this program.

I C castles is a recorded service prepared for you and with you so you have full control of all that is involved in the final presentation. We can come to you at your premises or location. Or it can be all done online also.

The presentation will be a continued service that is as a resource for future references. So any place, anytime people can appreciate your business by not only seeing a record of all presentations but also they can interact with you and show further appreciation too. We monitor the service and continue to deliver updated information for you to interact with new clients and existing on all services.

We supply resources and come prepared to create and manage top interactive promotions and advertising with your own company being the feature program and central focus with full control of all displays as per what your company designate, with multiple choices designed as adaptable to fit in as best suits your business. The I C castles are particular that all main themes are set with your business in prime position.

Also allowing a choice for extra revenue available with options for you to choose whether other advertising and sponsorship promotion's as a part of your I C castles. With all programs inclusive also focused on your industry too, the choice is all yours. We design it all for you based around your requirements.

We also recommend G Suite for all best business practices for all businesses in all industries. Check it out here free two week trial.

Following is the I C castles program website with J4C4U as a part of the systems or offered with continuous services and maintenance of your
I C castles presentations we recommend all your programs are kept on your G Site, with YouTube (continued comments during and post to event),
 G+ enterprise communities through G Suite and special I C Castles topping it all off with detailed Blogger posts and introduction to and through GMB also, plus so much more with each I C castles program made separately specifically for your unique business..

Please fill in the I.C Castles forms to make an appointment at a time that suited you best for a short meeting to set up and arrange your IC Castles.

I C castles events are all prepared by us. You and your business and Clients will be involved in a short, interesting, vibrant interaction including Gifted Hosts and Guest Hosts from your company, business or Community.

We arrange that also. Everything is organised so that it all will be an excellent event, new and interesting program all about your business through your
I C Castles, all for your business continuous traffic and from that increased revenue.

At I C castles we have an easy way for you to remember who we are:
I.C is  Internet Complete
is also sweet strength with lots of rooms remember
        Ice Cream Castles ...
castles is Client Appreciation Services Top Leads Excellence System.

So think of I C castles as that internet complete interactive sociable communicable Connections, like sweet creamy castles created as a unique Castle of strength for your business that shows all the best your business has to offer.

I C castles is an excellent way to highlight client appreciation. It is a short event we will promote for you continuously on the internet with perpetual client interaction and increasing traffic and interest for all types of business. With extra income from ever evolving advertising and promotion that is interactive and effective.

We look forward to hearing from you, and your clients new and existing being able to be part of your continually growing community.